Services for you

Structured Cabling

InfraTel Communications of Texas (ITC) performs all aspects of the scope of work from our free consultation and predesign to our installation and certification of the cabling system.

(ITC) has a (24) hour structured cabling service department.

(ITC) can predesign your MDF / IDF for maximum capability, utilizing your space to provide more efficient managing of your cabling system.

We provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor / plenum and non-plenum structured cabling services, including both Category five enhanced (CAT5e) and Category six (CAT6) / (CAT6+) cable system installations and maintenance.

(ITC) provides a full Lifetime Warranty of all components and workmanship.

Our corresponding solutions providers offer a Lifetime Warranty for all components installed by (ITC).

Fiber Optic

Smart Tag™ is the brand name of the active real-time location and monitoring system, which incorporates both hardware and software in an integrated solution. Smart Tag™ is a highly configurable system that provides superior indoor positional accuracy to all other systems as it uses patented tri-technology allowing the intelligent tag to ascertain its location with 100% certainty. Smart Tag™™ will locate and record the movements of people and objects anywhere within its predefined reader network. It can govern those movements with a system of rules based on associated events and actions such as an asset passing into a particular zone within the building.

Smart Tag™ is scalable from a standalone department system to a campus wide network and can be customized to meet users specific process requirements. Smart Tag™ can be installed as a wired system using Ethernet TCP/IP or a combination of the two to send positional data back to the central system with the reasonable implementation costs. With appropriate password security authorized staff can then access the server to view the location of those assets or people from anywhere within the organization.

InfraTel Communications of Texas provide a Free predesign of the security camera layout of your project to optimize the safety and security of your business staff or students at your facililty.

(ITC) offers a wide range of day and night vision – stationary / pan / tilt / zoom CCTV Systems including both indoor and outdoor applications.

(ITC) offers a full Lifetime Warranty of all camera wiring and workmanship. Our corresponding solutions providers offer a Manufacturers Warranty for all components installed by (ITC).