about us

InfraTel Communications of Texas, LLC registered as a minority vendor in early 2009. Since then InfraTel Communications, LLC has handled all types of industrial / commercial projects. Our people know exactly what your project needs are, no matter the size. Our policy of exclusively hiring forward-thinking innovators and managers means that we are always creating high quality functional solutions to meet or exceed your needs at suprisingly reasonable costs.

InfraTel has now partnered with Wade Garcia & Associates to install all future RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification) Systems in the State of Texas. Wade, Garcia has employed the Smart TagTM systems in both the Spring Independent and Sante Fe Independent School Districts of Texas. The RFID system, designed and patented by Wade Garcia & Associates, is helping school districts monitor attendance and the personal safety and security of thousands of students and staff at Texas campuses. Recently, Wade, Garcia has been awarded a pilot program to install the RFID System in the fourth largest district in the State of Texas, Northside Independent School District in San Antonio. The product has proven its worth by raising attendance and also provides an extra security feature allowing student’s parents and campus staff to pinpoint their exact location at all times. (read more in the projects page).

Our Partners

Wade / Garcia & Associates specializes in solutions for identifying, monitoring, tracking and locating any object positioned anywhere - indoors or outside. The solutions have wide applications, especially where there is a requirement for improved visibility and control of mobile assets and resources.

We can assist organizations at every stage, from early phase feasibility study through to full systems implementation to achieve maximum business benefits. We can build integrated solutions from existing off-the-shelf hardware and software. On occasions the customer's unique requirements will necessitate a solution designed and built by our technical team. (read more about Wade/Garcia)